Frecuency Daily
Readership Weekdays 138.000
Readership Sundays 161.000
Source / Source: Gallup Index/DK 2+3 kvartal 2018


Berlingske is Denmark’s major liberal conservative media, which consistently prioritizes quality content relevant to the target group. We are the epitome of elaborate and in-depth quality news within our four strengths: News, Opinion, Business and Culture/Lifestyle.

We know that the importance of credible, professional journalism is growing. In a world dominated by fast breaking news, it is not only about being the first with the news, but also about being the medium that communicates the best understanding of the importance and perspective of the news.

It is thus the unique quality journalism that is paramount – from the quick news overview to the revelations from our award winning investigating group.

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Household Income:
Berlingske's target group is defined as modern, working, age 35-64 and characterized by being well-educated and well-paid
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