Theme Generalist
Audience Women 16+ | 25.2%
Advertising Share 46% (ITV Group)
Establishment 2004


ITV 3 is a female targeted exquisite Channel which aims at adult and women who belong to high socioeconomic groups with its sophisticated, high-quality programs. Its programming is based fundamentally in reruns of British drama series.


Endeavour(Drama, Detective Drama, Mistery), Lewis(Crime Drama, Mistery), Midsomer Murders(Detective, Drama,Mistery),  Doc Martin(Medical Drama, Comedy), Foyle´s War(detective, War, Period Drama, Mystery), Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs(Documentary), George and Mildred(Sitcom) , Law & Order: UK(Mistery, Drama), Murder she wrote(Mistery, Drama, Crime), Man about the House(Sitcom), Buying and Selling(Lifestyle, Real State, Documentary), The Street(Drama), Wire in The Blood(Crime Drama).


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Socioeconomic Groups:
ITV 3 is a TV channel targeted to sophisticated women
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00