Paris Premiere

Theme Generalist/Cultural Channel
Audiencia 12.7 M Monthly viewers
Advertising Share 1%
Establishment 1986
Source /


Cultural channel focused to a mainly high class audience which offers a wide variety of american films and series, events like cinema or fashion festivals, opera and magazines.


Le Clown / The Clown(Action, drama, Thriller,Series) Sydney Fox, l’aventurière/ Relic Hunter(Action, adventure, mistery, drama), Amicalement Vôtre/ The Persuaders! (Adventure, Comedy), Hotel Impossible(Reality TV, Documentary), Cauchemar en cuisine/ Kitchen Nightmares(Reality TV, Documentary), Conseil de famille/ Family Council, Sex in the World’s Cities(Documentary), Gordon Ramsay : les recettes du chef 3 étoiles / Gordon Ramsay Receipts: Count 3 stars(Cuisine, Lifestyle), Très très bon(Culinary Magazine).


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Socioeconomic Group:
Cultural channel focused to a premium audience
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00