Plug RTL

Theme Generaliste
Audience Adults 15-34 | 7.3% (17:00-23:00)
Advertising Share 4.7%
Establishment 2004


Plug RTL is a Belgian TV channel targeted to youngsters (with ages between 15 and 34) as well as to women. It bares a modern style, taboo-free, and representative of today’s young people. Its programming includes american successful series, broadcast of the French M6 channel’s best programs, lifestyle programs, reality shows and films.


Go For Zero – La Story (TV Series, Comedy, Drama), Mistresses (Drama, TV Series), Les Anges De La Tele-Realite Vii – Latin America / Reality TV Angels (Reality), La Boutique, Shopping Hours.


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Socioeconomic Group:
Plug RTL is a modern channel targeted to youngsters
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00