Theme Generalist
Audience Adults 20-49 | 16,1%
Advertising Share 28%
Establishment 1989


Since its launch in 1990, RTL 4 has become the main Dutch commercial TV channel. Its programming includes round-the-clock entertainment programs, magazines, drama series as well as big formats in Prime Time such as talent shows and national and international series.


RTL Boulevard (Magazine), Burgers’ Zoo Natuurlijk/ Burguer`s zoo naturally (Nature Magazine),  RTL Weer /RTL Weather (Actuality, News),  Wie doet de afwas/ Who wash the dishes (Entertainment Show),  Love Is in the Air (Information, Reality Series), RTL Summer Night (Magazine, talk Show, Interviews), RTL Boulevard (Actuality, news), RTL Nieuws/ RTL News (News).

WEB: https://www.rtl.nl/rtl4/


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Socioeconomic Groups:
RTL 4 is the main commercial Channel of the Dutch Television
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00