RTL Nitro

Theme Thematic: Series
Audience Men 20-59 | 1.3%
Advertising Share 0.7%
Establishment 2012
Source / www.ip-network.com


RTL Nitro is a TV channel with a programming mainly targeted to male audiences. Its content is focused on american successful series such as Breaking Bad, Modern Family os Prison Break, although it includes other entertainment programs, films and documentaries.


M.A.S.H.(Series, comedy, drama), EIN KÄFIG VOLLER HELDEN/ Hogan Heroes (Comedy series), Brooklyn Nine-Nine(comedy, Series), Law & Order: SVU (Drama, Police drama, Procedural, mistery), American Ninja Warrior(Game Show, Reality competition) , Sas: Wer Wagt/ Sas: Who Dares Wins(Series, drama, Mistery) , Gewinnt, American Crime( History, Drama, Crime) , Medical Detectives – Geheimnisse Der Gerichtsmedizin / Medical Detectives (Crime, Documentary, Mistery) , Anwälte Der Toten/ Lawyers of The death (Documentary, Mistery).

WEB: http://www.rtlnitro.de/cms/index.html

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Socioeconomic Group:
¿Action and Entertainment targeted to men? RTL Nitro have it
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