Theme Generalist/Women
Audience Individuals 18-54 | 5.9%
Avertising Share 5.7%
Establishment 2000


Vitaya is a well known women’s channel of Belgian television. Its programming offers locally produced content as well as the best programs in flemish, series and magazines. Vitaya never lacks cooking and lifestyle programs in which issues are treated such as beauty, travel and the latests decoration trends.


Offspring(Comedy, drama, series), Cheerful Weather for the Wedding(Comedy, drama, Romance, series), Vertrek/ Origin, Don’t Tell the Bride(Reality TV, Lifestyle), Geer & Goor Zoeken Een Hobby/ Geer y Goor Find a Hobby(Reality TV, comedy), Blind Getrouwd/ Blind Marriage(Reality TV), Serena, Royal Pains(Comedy, Sitcom), Girl Missing(thriller, Drama, Series).


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Socioeconomic Groups:
Vitaya is the first women's channel in flemish TV.
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00