Crime & Investigation

Television channel broadcasting programmes related to crime, investigation and mystery programming.Its programming is mainly in English and locally subtitled or dubbed.

History Belgium

History (originally The History Channel from 1995 to 2008) The channel originally broadcast documentary programs and historical fiction series. More recently, it has mostly broadcast various reality television series such as Pawn StarsAx Men, and other non-history related content.

Medialaan is the home of renowned brands such as VTM, Vitaya or vtmKzoom. Channels with a very varied content: news, series, childrens’, female, etc.

RTL TVI & Club & Plug

Online platform of the successful channels belonging to the TV group RTl. Each channel (TVI, Club and Plug) has its own online player to enjoy live broadcasting, as well as a selection of the best contents: complete series’ episodes, films and the programs you missed live.

Online version of the celebrated local newspaper of Antwerp in dutch, Gazet Van Antwerpen. It features the latest news from the Belgian city, as well as sections devoted to women lifestyle, sports and a culture section with entries about television, shows, music, etc.

RTL info offers a minute-by-minute coverage of all important news. It has various sections such as national and international news, sports and football, people and gossip, a section with testimonies and opinions and a video section.

Sudinfo is the Belgian website (in French) that covers all last minute information of every region in Belgium, as well as general information. It also has sections about football, sports, culture, entertainment, practical guides about lifestyles.

One of the most renowned Belgian newspapers in its online version. It contains the most complete up-to-date information in various sections: general news, culture, sports, economy, debate, photography, blogs and a special section with extended information. It has a live covering of the weather forecast, stock market and traffic.

Fun Radio (Bélgica)

Fun radio, with more than 3 million followers, features the best of contemporary artists and the Electronic World Dance greatest musical hits. It is a musical radio that highlights the latest styles: Rhythm and Blues, Dance, Electric and House.


Nostalgie is the radio station for the pop classic lovers. Acclaimed pop hymns from the last decades: Wham!, Michael Jackson, Lou Bega, etc. It has renowned celebrities like Gust de Coster, Johan Henneman or Stefan Ackermans. Its programming is varied with a daily morning show and some programs about ecology, artists, etc.