Frecuency Weekly
Circulation 201.937 copies
Readership 1.7 Million
Source / SOURCES ACPM ONE 2017 / ONE GLOBAL 2018 V1


A dynamic brand…

A unique positioning in feminine selective magazines, based on a double reading contract in perfect harmony: celebrities’ stories full of emotion + glamorous fashion and beauty sections. • Events and innovative editorial initiatives around celebrities, luxury and cinema to inspire its community.

CONTENT : Celebrities, emotion, luxury, fashion and beauty

EVENTS : Cannes Festival, Gala Spa Awards…

VIDEOS & SOCIAL : Studio Gala, interviews, live shows


  1.  1st upscale women’s magazine brand With 13 million French people exposed each month to the Gala brand
  2.  The weekly women’s magazine most sold in kiosks
  3.  1st upscale women’s weekly With 1.7 million readers each week
  4.  3rd women’s upscale weekly for Premium Women With 288,000 premium reader
  5.  7.2 million exclusive brand audience vs Elle & Grazia

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56% Gala readers favor premium brands / luxury in their consumption (index 130)
91 702 34 84 L - V de 9:00 a 18:00